dominyk (dominyk) wrote,

At Gulf Wars...

During the Rose Tourney on Thursday morning at Gulf Wars they shotgun the pairings until enough people are eliminated to make it reasonable to do the fights one at a time in front of the Roses. As call came for one of the last shotgunned pairings, when there were really only top level fighters left, my sarcasm got me in a little bit of trouble.

We were standing around waiting for the herald when the following took place between me and Michael St. Christian from Northshield:

Michael:<looks around at all the fighters assembled> Wow, it's getting to the point where I don't want to fight any of you guys.
Me:<could not resist> Really? Because I think there are a bunch of people here who want to fight you.

Herald:Next pairing Dominyk of Atlantia vs. Michael St. Christian of Northshield!

Michael: Ha! You get your wish!
Me:<feels like a dick>
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