Because I'm curious

So you are an SCA rapier Warlord/General person, and you have just learned that you will be in command for a battle at Pennsic.

What is the first thing you do? Why?

EDIT: This question was meant to be specifically about prepping for the battle and less about being appointed commander. So, when asking "what's the first step", pretend like you've done it before.

Random thoughts

Saw the new TRON movie on Sunday. It looked pretty and sounded nice. That's about the nicest thing I could say about it. The plot and characters were paper thin and nearly inconsequential. It seemed to depend on the viewers familiarity with other movies and stories in the sci-fi genre to provide actual depth. My favorite part was when Daft Punk was playing songs in the club and then the inevitable bar-fight started. As the fighting started the two of them sort of looked at each other and nodded and then the music ratcheted up in tempo and volume.

My knee is still sore after dance rehearsals, but the brace with metal is really helping. However I probably won't try fencing again until next year.

I have a new fitness book called The 4-Hour Body, and I really love it. It's got a great diet plan that I can follow fairly easily. It was written by a guy who lives and works in silicon valley(read: geek like me). And his research is fascinating because he is able to be a third party observer to multiple industries: pharma, bodybuilding/fitness training, and medical. This means he only recommends things that work, that he has tested based on the combined research of these industries. This book should have been called "hack your body". The diet recommends one cheat day to reset leptin levels every 5 days. So I'm starting it now and my cheat day will be on Christmas.

I will turn 30 on Christmas day. Looking back part of me thinks that I will miss being "young", but a bigger part of me looks back and goes "wow, I fucking made it to 30!".

I am driving home for Christmas on Thursday night. It had better not snow until after I arrive. And then it had better be all melted by Monday morning.

I have just two more gifts to buy in order to finish my shopping. I also have to send off a card to my sister. But that's it, it was fairly easy this year. The wrapping however.....yeah not looking forward to that.

I'm thinking about having a birthday party sometime in early Feburary. Possibly in conjunction with Troy and Sarah. I can't remember the last time I had a birthday party.


I find it amazing that SCA rapier has morphed so much in just the short time that I have been participating. "Short time" being a relative term, I started about 10ish years ago. And that is a long time to do anything, but a short time compared to how long some people have been playing.

The change from epee to heavy rapier has been the biggest and most traumatic change, at least for me, but lots of little things have changed as well.

And now I feel the whole game is shifting again. Sadly, it is orienting itself away from the things that I enjoy about it. The environment is moving away from being a competitive community that values achievement and is couched in a sort of warrior community, towards one that focuses on A&S and cut and thrust.

One might say that if I don't like the culture, then I should endeavor to change it. The problem is, I don't think that I can. I can't change how people want to spend their time. The fact is, gaining knowledge is much easier than applying it. And there is more physical pain involved in being an athelete than in being a scholar. So people are naturally gravitating towards activities that are easier and less painful. And I don't blame them, pain sucks.

C'este la vie, I guess.


I need a cheaper hobby. Like ping-pong or something. I could be really good at ping-pong.

Although I'd have to figure out what to do with the $170 Darkwood gift certificates that I have accumulated. I guess they would make good tourney prizes.

Pennsic Meme

The Usual Pennsic Meme.
1. Where are you camping?
Tir Y don, with a lot of Dragoons.

2. When are you arriving?
I am arriving Saturday of War Week.

3. What cool stuff are you doing?
Acting as Atlantian Rapier Warlord. Fencing. Buying a new hat, and a new sword hilt/guard.

4. What's your SCA name?
Dominyk Wolferam


I think that being my own primary fencing instructor for so long has stilted my ability to teach others. I might even be a bad teacher.  ::sigh::

At Gulf Wars...

During the Rose Tourney on Thursday morning at Gulf Wars they shotgun the pairings until enough people are eliminated to make it reasonable to do the fights one at a time in front of the Roses. As call came for one of the last shotgunned pairings, when there were really only top level fighters left, my sarcasm got me in a little bit of trouble.

We were standing around waiting for the herald when the following took place between me and Michael St. Christian from Northshield:

Michael:<looks around at all the fighters assembled> Wow, it's getting to the point where I don't want to fight any of you guys.
Me:<could not resist> Really? Because I think there are a bunch of people here who want to fight you.

Herald:Next pairing Dominyk of Atlantia vs. Michael St. Christian of Northshield!

Michael: Ha! You get your wish!
Me:<feels like a dick>